NPHS Theatre’s Fall Show

Good afternoon, 

Our names are Jeremy DerMovsesian, Keenan Washington, and Kris Fink. We are all career study and gifted mentorship students of Mrs. Roney, working closely in conjunction with her to create the NPHS Theatre’s fall show, Breathing Through COVID

On behalf of NPHS Theatre, we are reaching out to ask if you have any students who would be interested in contributing to the content of the show. We are searching for various experiences that students in your club have had during this difficult time that we can incorporate into the show. These experiences can be stories or observations to share about navigating through this time. Or if students have created poems, spoken word pieces, artwork, dances, or any other creative representation of their experiences, we would welcome those contributions as well. We would also like to know if the students are willing to share their work with us or wish to perform and record it themselves. The theme doesn’t just have to be Covid. We are looking at the pandemic as a catalyst for other events, changes, stresses, etc. through which we are all living.

While we are asking for ideas and welcome all contributions, we cannot assure people that work shared will be included in the show. We can promise to be respectful of contributions. If something is chosen, we will collaborate with the contributor about what and how their ideas or work will be incorporated into the show. 

If you have any questions or know of anybody who would like to participate, please feel free to contact Mrs. Roney at